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DMenu and Openbox (2010-Jan-13)

One painful lack in TinyCore Linux that I loved in Linux Mint was the Gnome Do feature. Now, I could just compile Gnome Do and package it as a TCZ extension... but then I've got a fancy tool that requires the entire Gnome stack when I'm using no other part of Gnome - My desktop environment is currently LXDE.

Synergy (2009-Dec-30)

So while searching the TC extensions repository for some mouse configuration tools, I spotted an app called synergy. Intrigued by the name, I decided to check it out.

Progress... (2009-Nov-24)

TCL is really neat.My project this weekend was PXE booting diskless virtual machines. The idea was to have identical operating systems each serving up different websites. I achieved this by the following setup:

Further with TinyCore (2009-Nov-07)

My saga with Tiny Core continues...

TinyCore Linux (2009-Nov-03)

So yesterday I decided to play with a new linux distro. It's called TinyCore, and it's developed by the ex lead developer of Damn Small Linux, and has a philosophy whereby the operating system should be clean and pristine at every boot. The initial download is only 11 MB, which is enough to get you into an X session with a window manager. Getting a basic basic set up running on a USB key was easy enough following the instructions on the wiki.