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My shiny new toy - The iPad (2012-Jun-04)

A while back I ran into the blog of a developer who'd gone and replaced his laptop with an iPad - completely. And was still happy with his decision months on. Which got me thinking - Would it actually work?

Vim and Todo.txt (2011-Jul-25)

Since I started writing code in Python, I've been a big fan of vim. Sure, at first it was a bizarre alien creature, but over time I've learnt it's quirks, and gotten quite comfortable.

Todo.txt, Screen, and not forgetting things (2011-May-25)

So I have this horrible habit of coming up with a great idea, or deciding I need to do something, and then having forgotten about it within an hour.

Musings on Configuring Screen (2011-Apr-12)

So I started using screen a while back, and it was pretty useful. Being able to leave off whatever I'm working on from work/uni, and get straight back into it from home was a godsend.

I love my fiancee. Even the parts of her that don't make sense. (2010-Oct-06)

So I have this alarm clock that occasionally ends up being an hour too fast or too slow.

Laptop Failure (Again) (2010-Jun-28)

So my laptop has been sent in for warranty repairs twice now. This morning, it has once again started failing to boot. Unfortunately, this time it's warranty is now well and truly expired, so there's now nothing to be done for it, but to scrap it. Unfortunately, Pioneer Computing's products just don't seem to be built very well.

Random Erata (2010-Apr-23)

So a few things have happened over the past couple of days.

CSS3 is Amazing (2010-Mar-30)

This is simply amazing. CSS3 is a wonder to behold. The alphabet rendered entirely in CSS3 and The Opera logo rendered entirely in CSS3. I'm not sure if either of these make for practical usage of the power CSS3 gives, but they do certainly demonstrate the limits (or lack of) that web developers can now start pushing towards.