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LVM Recovery in Ubuntu (2011-Mar-03)

So I generally don't write about my day job, but today we had a somewhat... eventful day in the office. An ESX machine failed, our backup procedures had not been adhered to properly, and for a while it seemed like we'd lost all the data. Miraculously, after the most frustrating and stressful day I've had in recent memory, it all started working again. But that's just not the real story I'm writing about today.

Filesystem Goodies (2010-Jan-14)

One of the biggest PITAs when working with linux, is mingling with Windows file systems. Say you dual boot, or need to shuffle files between a linux machine and a Windows one. FAT file systems are antiquated beasts, and NTFS in linux is likely never to be perfect. And then neither of these play nicely with permissions in linux.

Synergy (2009-Dec-30)

So while searching the TC extensions repository for some mouse configuration tools, I spotted an app called synergy. Intrigued by the name, I decided to check it out.