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Django on Shared Hosting (with FCGI) (2011-Apr-11)

The django docs have a pretty good page on using fastcgi in a shared hosting environment, but there was always one part that bugged me:

Django-Tracker (2010-Aug-22)

A few days ago, I had need for a simple issue tracker I could embed inside my projects. I found this ticket, however the code was written for django 0.96...

Some Useful Resources to Keep Note Of (2010-Aug-03)

So just a few useful links I've found that I figured I would post, a) for my own sake, as I'm sure these are things I'll need again at some point, and b) for the benefit of anyone else who stumbles across this post.

Further with TinyCore (2009-Nov-07)

My saga with Tiny Core continues...

New Website (2009-Jul-18)

After 8 or so designs over 2 years, here I am with my simplest web design yet, and this time powered by Python and Django instead of PHP.