Linux, Python, devops, etc


Many of my projects never see the light of day - They either never get finished, or are tied too closely to (my work|my personal life|other projects that I wont be releasing) for me to be able to release them. Here's a quick summary of those that I have:


The secret behind my blog. A static site generator written in python, forked a few times from it's original home.

Source code: Jilcrow on Github

Tab Maker

I love ocarinas. One of the easiest ways to learn a song for an ocarina, is to look at a "tab sheet" - pretty pictures showing which holes to cover. The people making these tabs had a thousand different methods to put the sheets together, none of them simple. So I decided to make it simple. Tab Maker was my first foray into jQuery, and heavy javascript in general.

On the net: Althalus's Tab Maker


Is not actually that simple and should probably get a new name. Django-simplemenu is based on the project by alexvasi with the same name. It extends the original with the ability to create multiple menus and submenus, and moves simple URL menu items into the database.

Source code: Django-simplemenu on Github


A simple issue tracker in the admin that can be plugged into any project. Not really meant to be a real replacement for Jira or Trac, but something smaller that's easier to set up for those tiny projects that don't need the power of a real issue tracker.

Source code: Django-Tracker SVN repo